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Pick up your new Upper Room Devotionals in the Narthex or Fellowship Hall.

Bible Study Small Group

Facilitator: Roger Broyles - (Feel free to ask any questions!)

When: Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm (no more than an hour).

Where: Fellowship Hall

Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm, we invite you to join our Bible study group. Centered around courses from, our small group gathers in the Fellowship Hall, extending a warm welcome to newcomers at any juncture.

Our current collective exploration revolves around "Bible Survey, A Big Screen Perspective" led by Dr. Bert Downs. This 10-lesson series provides accessible guides for download on the website. Participants engage with one or two lessons independently, taking notes and completing the guides. In our weekly meetings, we dive into discussions, sharing insights, understanding, and addressing questions, fostering a supportive community as we journey together in faith.

We encourage you to create a free account on, facilitating progress tracking and seamless resumption where you last left off. The platform allows you to pause videos, empowering you to learn at your preferred pace.

Getting started: Create Your Free Account: Sign up at to track your course progress.



We welcome you to join us for prayer and fellowship as we grow in our love of Christ and faith in God!

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